Men’s Vertical Stripe Hat

  • 41 peg loom
  • Yarn hook, tapestry needle & scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Choice of yarn *I used Loops & Threads Woolike in Charcoal & Navy*
  1. Cast-on all (wrapping each peg 1x)
  2. Flat Stitch the first round/row
  3. Rib Stitch (K1 (U-wrap),P1) with main color for 5 cm (this is the brim)
  4. Attach new color
  5. Knit (U-wrap) all pegs with main color
  6. Knit (U-wrap) all pegs with secondary color
  7. Purl each peg (alternating colors as you go) until you reach the desired length for your hat (peg #1 & #41 will be the same color)
  8. Once you’ve reached your desired length, cut the secondary color and attach it to the main color with a knot
  9. Knit 2 more rounds/rows with the main color and close your hat with the gathered method